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3.7 Downloading a file

It is possible to download (i.e. fetch, but not display) any web page or file with emacs-w3m: just put the point on the link you want to download and hit d. You will be prompted for a filename under which to save the file locally, by default it will be the name of the file on the remote server. Confirm with RET. The download will be asynchronous and not block your Emacs session, you can continue your emacs-w3m browsing in another buffer if you want.

Please note that this download mechanism uses w3m to download things, you might want to use the more powerful wget downloader instead. Have a look at our friend project "emacs-wget", its homepage is at http://pop-club.hp.infoseek.co.jp/emacs/emacs-wget/.

Download the file or page pointed by the link under point (w3m-download-this-url).

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