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It's nobody's fault but Emacs 19 or 20 users cannot use tabs.


Although XEmacs shows all tabs in the same colors at every moment, you can easily distinguish the selected tab and others and see the status of the current page in the modeline.


Under XEmacs, favicons will currently not be shown in the tabs line.


You can use C-u 2 C-c C-n instead of 2 C-c C-n as usual. But keep in mind all numeric keys and minus-sign are assigned to the numeric prefix arguments in emacs-w3m buffers.


w3m on cygwin


The easiest way to specify group parameters is to type G c in the group buffer after moving the point to the group you'd like to customize (see section `Group Parameters' in The Gnus Manual).


There are mainly two ways to expire articles automatically in the `nnshimbun' groups. One is to add a group name regular expression (it should begin with "^nnshimbun\\+") to the gnus-auto-expirable-newsgroups variable and to put the expiry period for each group into the nnmail-expiry-wait-function variable. Another is to set the auto-expire group parameter to t and to set the expiry period with the expiry-wait group parameter in every `nnshimbun' group which you want to expire automatically. See @xref{(gnus)Expiring Mail


The NOV file for `nnshimbun' is named something like "~/News/shimbun/asahi/national/.overview".


We've already prepared the answer to the question that why auto-expire etc. aren't included in the nnshimbun's special group parameter? The answer is, expiry-wait is handled by the `nnshimbun' back end, but auto-expire is handled by the Gnus core. Therefore, it is contrary to the design policy of Gnus to extend the Gnus core functions so that it may work for one particular back end (i.e. reading a value from the nnshimbun's special group parameter).


Uncomment this line if you'd like to manage unseen messages. It must be placed before the (require 'mew-shimbun) line.


People who have set the mew-touch-folder-p variable to t will succeed 100% in saving marks, but people who use nil value seem not to be 0% successful.


At least one group is necessary for each `shimbun' module even if you don't want it.


And more, you may not be able to read actual email messages from someone when message-ids conflict!


Such mailing list managers often show their own name in an archive list page


i.e. shimbun-mailman class is a parent class.

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