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Re: Suggestions for w3m

   From: Christoph Conrad <christoph.conrad@gmx.de>
   Date: 04 Jun 2001 15:08:45 +0200

   > In my (--unibyte) Emacs w3m buffer the table characters are displayed
   > as octal sequences. This effectively destroys the table layout. I
   > tried to

The same for me in my multibyte environment for tables and even for
horizontal rules - <HR>.

Try this page:
Title: Horizontal rule


Something else

You will see



Something else.

Maybe we should have another customizable variable which can replace this
character (and other character for tables too).

Please reply in English. I'm subscribed, but my Japanese is not as good
yours Czech :-) I can not even read any letter and I promise that I will
try to decipher even Japanese letters for elisp code.
Pavel Janík

And finally even emacs became warezz ..
                  -- Sascha Luedecke in gnu.emacs.help