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Re: Patch for asynchronous operation

>> On 13 Jul 2001 15:12:44 +0300
>> azure@iki.fi (Hannu Koivisto) said as follows:

>I did some hacking and it seems the result is at least mostly
>asynchronous emacs-w3m.

Thank you very much for your hacking.

However, there is a big problem in your changes.

>	  * (w3m-exec-process) Now takes a required handler argument and
>	    returns a process object.  Only asynchronous operation is
>	    supported, all other code removed.

In some environment, such as Windows and old XEmacs, it is impossible
to call sub-processes asynchronously with `start-process'.  Therefore,
we must keep the synchronous method with `call-process'.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi