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Re: Which configure?

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.01603]
>>>>>	Peter Møller Neergaard <peter@mollerneergaard.net> wrote:

PMN> I have downloaded the tar ball of emacs-w3m from
PMN> http://cvs.namazu.org/emacs-w3m/.  I have unpacked the tar ball.
PMN> According to README, I am supposed to do

PMN>  % ./configure

PMN> The tar ball does however not contain a configure file, only
PMN> configure.in.  So what am I supposed to do instead of ./configure?

Do you have `autoconf' program?  If so, you have to run autoconf
in the emacs-w3m source directory in advance.  Otherwise, you
may get the tar ball of autoconf program and install it.  It is
available from:


;; You can also use the recent versions of autoconf for
;; emacs-w3m, however, they are not suitable to some other
;; packages.

Well, developers, should we contain configure program in the CVS
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@namazu.org>