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Re: w3m users ml? emacs-w3m ml?


>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.01869]
>>>>>	hsaka@mth.biglobe.ne.jp (Hironori Sakamoto) wrote:

> Hi,

> I forward your mail to emacs-w3m@namazu.org where some users
> discuss in English (however, mainly in Japanese).

>> Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 21:59:16 +0900
>> From: "Clifford Caoile" <piyokun@email.com>
>> Subject: [w3m-dev-en 00620] w3m users ml? emacs-w3m ml?
>> To: "w3m Developers List" <w3m-dev-en@mi.med.tohoku.ac.jp>

>> Sorry if this is off-topic for a developers list.

>> I've been using w3m ever since M. Miyoshi-shi [1] introduced it as a good
>> browser for emacs. I've been wanting to discuss user issues with w3m,
>> especially emacs-w3m, in English. Where should I go to find such a
>> discussion group?

The list <emacs-w3m@namazu.org> is fit for discussing all about
Emacs-W3M.  However, we almost all Japanese are not good at English
reading and writing.  Please write in simple English. :-)

To subscribe emacs-w3m@namazu.org list, send an email with the
body as shown below:

subscribe Clifford Caoile

>> Because I'm asking such a STFW question, I'll post some emacs-w3m related
>> information:

What abbreviation is STFW for?

>> Ever notice how in Microsoft Internet Explorer you can scroll the windows
>> backwards and forwards by pressing shift-space and space respectively? You
>> can do the same in emacs-w3m, too. Use the following elisp code to enable
>> that setting.

Thank you for the suggestion.  I've installed it in the latest
CVS repository.  However, it currentry won't work on Emacs v19.
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@namazu.org>