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w3m_el-1.2 problem (non-member post)


I'm using w3m_el on ``XEmacs 21.1 (patch 14) "Cuyahoga Valley" [Lucid]
(i386--freebsd, Mule)''

I just upgraded to 1.2 from 1.0 and now when I use 
M-x w3m 
it always tries to load my home-page.  I never get a prompt for an
Looking at the code, I see in (w3m)

	(w3m-input-url nil nil default t)))))

This is always returning the value of default.  The logic in 
w3m-input-url says:
    (if (and quick-start
	     (not initial))

Since quick-start is t, initial is nil and default is set to
w3m-home-page if nil, otherwise it was non-nil.
So it looks like only if w3m-home-page is nil will this test fail and
result in a prompt.

I've changed the w3m-input-url to 	
     (w3m-input-url "Url: " nil default nil)))))

And this does give me a prompt, but I don't know what else I may have
broken since I don't know the motivation or requirements for
quick-start and initial.

Or am I using the w3m function incorrectly?

Please excuse me if this is in the mailing list archive...  I have no
knowledge of the Japanese language.

Thanks very much for an excellent addition to *emacs!