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Re: BUG: 21.5-b9 + CVS 20020928 - (invalid-state "Bogus value for `default-process-coding-system'" (w3m-iso-latin-1 . iso-8859-1))

>>>>> In <m3u1k9xqg2.fsf_-nf--_xmat_-m:xemacs-beta_---@tuxie.homelinux.net> 
>>>>>	Nelson Ferreira <nelson.ferreira@myrealbox.com> wrote:

njsf> This happens whenever I try to view an HTML mime part,
njsf> and some other (I suspect uuencoded) non-MIME parts
njsf> on Gnus (from 20020928 gnus CVS too).

njsf> This is an attempt at a MIME enabled Gnus run, which I
njsf> was never succesfull yet.

njsf> Signaling: (invalid-state "Bogus value for\
njsf>  `default-process-coding-system'" (w3m-iso-latin-1 . iso-8859-1))

The coding-system `w3m-iso-latin-1' is the default value for the
user option `w3m-input-coding-system' when the Mule-UCS package
is loaded.  I don't know whether XEmacs 21.5-b9 allows loading
the Mule-UCS package.  In addition, I couldn't run emacs-w3m
under XEmacs 21.5 since the ben-mule branch was merged, and I
couldn't do at all about it.  I can only recommend you not to
use emacs-w3m or not to use XEmacs 21.5.