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synch emacs-w3m-1_3 branch with trunk

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.04279]
>>>>>	Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> wrote:

山岡> I will see how things work for a while, and commit it into the
山岡> releasing branch as well.

というわけで Quicksearch とその関連項目を emacs-w3m-1_3 枝に盛り
込みました。この 1ヶ月間の幹の変化がかなり大きく、これだけをつま

以下はぼくが把握している、まだ emacs-w3m-1_3 枝に取り込まれてい
ない幹の変化です。ただし + で始まる行は対応済みです。

2002-11-06  TSUCHIYA Masatoshi  <tsuchiya@namazu.org>

	* w3m-bookmark.el (w3m-bookmark-safe-string): Abolish its 2nd
	`coding' argument.  Instead of it, use the coding system to be
	used for encoding the buffer contents on saving.
	(w3m-bookmark-write-file): Follow the above change.

2002-11-06  Yuuichi Teranishi  <teranisi@gohome.org>

	* w3m-form.el (w3m-fontify-textareas): Replace textarea string
	only when form data contains non-nil data.

2002-11-05  Yuuichi Teranishi  <teranisi@gohome.org>

	* w3m.el (toplevel): Added autoload setting for
	(w3m-fontify): Don't remove tag strings in the textareas;
	Call `w3m-fontify-textareas'.

	* w3m-form.el (w3m-form-treat-textarea-size): New option.
	(w3m-form-resume): Do nothing if forms is nil.
	(w3m-fontify-textareas): New function.
	(w3m-form-parse-and-fontify): Decode entities for form value;
	Record textarea rows as text property.
	(w3m-form-parse-and-fontify): Treat CRLF as a newline character.
	(w3m-form-search-textarea): New function.
	(w3m-form-textarea-replace): Rewrite.
	(w3m-form-textarea-info): Ditto.

2002-11-05  TSUCHIYA Masatoshi  <tsuchiya@namazu.org>

	* w3m-bookmark.el (w3m-bookmark-file-coding-system): Fix its
	(w3m-bookmark-verify-modtime): Keep buffer modified status.
	(w3m-bookmark-safe-string): New function.
	(w3m-bookmark-write-file): Call it to make given strings be safe.

2002-11-03  TSUCHIYA Masatoshi  <tsuchiya@namazu.org>

	* w3m-bookmark.el: Use non-visiting working buffer; Auto-detection
	of bookmark file coding system.
	(w3m-bookmark-file-coding-system): Fix its docstring.
	(w3m-bookmark-buffer-file-name): New internal variable.
	(w3m-bookmark-mode): Add documents for commands.
	(w3m-bookmark-mode-setter): Set `default-directory'.
	(w3m-bookmark-buffer): Use non-visiting working buffer.
	(w3m-bookmark-sections): Follow the above change.
	(w3m-bookmark-kill-entries): Likewise.
	(w3m-bookmark-file-modtime, w3m-bookmark-verify-modtime)
	(w3m-bookmark-save-buffer): New functions.
	(w3m-bookmark-write-file): Use it; Stricten check.
+	(w3m-bookmark-add-current-url-group): Call `w3m-bookmark-add'
+	without 2nd argument.
	(w3m-about-bookmark): Give unique id to sections.
	(w3m-bookmark-current-number): Follow the above change.
	(w3m-bookmark-kill-entry): If the bookmark file is reverted,
	reload it.
	(w3m-bookmark-undo): Ditto.
	(w3m-bookmark-edit): New function.

2002-11-02  TSUCHIYA Masatoshi  <tsuchiya@namazu.org>

	* w3m-bookmark.el (w3m-about-bookmark): Fix.
	(w3m-bookmark-current-number): Return nil on no entry line.
	(w3m-bookmark-kill-entry): On no entry line, do not call
	(w3m-bookmark-kill-entries): Fix.

2002-11-01  TSUCHIYA Masatoshi  <tsuchiya@namazu.org>

	* w3m-namazu.el (w3m-namazu): Change prompt.
	(w3m-namazu): Change prompt; Small fix.

	* w3m-bookmark.el: Experimental bookmark editer.
	(w3m-bookmark-read-file): Removed.
	(w3m-bookmark-buffer): New function.
	(w3m-bookmark-sections): Use it.
	(w3m-bookmark-write-file): Use it; Call `basic-save-buffer'.
	(w3m-bookmark-view): View about://bookmark/ instead of
	w3m-bookmark-file directly.
	(w3m-about-bookmark, w3m-bookmark-current-number)
	(w3m-bookmark-kill-entry, w3m-bookmark-kill-entries)
	(w3m-bookmark-undo): New functions.
	(w3m-bookmark-mode, w3m-bookmark-mode-map): New variables.
	(w3m-bookmark-mode-hook): New hook.
	(w3m-bookmark-mode): New minor mode.
	(w3m-bookmark-mode-setter): New function.
	(toplevel): Register it to `w3m-display-functions'.

2002-10-28  TSUCHIYA Masatoshi  <tsuchiya@namazu.org>

	* w3m.el (w3m-w3m-attributes): Remove workaround for servers which
	do not support HEAD operations.

2002-10-25  Katsumi Yamaoka  <yamaoka@jpl.org>

	* w3m-xmas.el (find-charset): Alias to ignore if no-Mule.

2002-10-25  Hideyuki SHIRAI  <shirai@meadowy.org>

	* w3m.el (w3m-entity-alist): Use `w3m-mule-unicode-p' instead of

	* w3m-xmas.el (w3m-mule-unicode-p): New function.

	* w3m-fsf.el (w3m-mule-unicode-p): New function.

	* w3m-om.el (w3m-mule-unicode-p): Set aliase to `ignore'.

	* w3m-e19.el (w3m-mule-unicode-p): Set aliase to `ignore'.

2002-10-25  Masayuki Ataka  <ataka@milk.freemail.ne.jp>

	* w3m.el (w3m-entity-alist): Support all entities using Mule-UCS.

+2002-10-23  Hideyuki SHIRAI  <shirai@meadowy.org>
+	* w3m.el (w3m-toggle-inline-images-internal)
+	(w3m-toggle-inline-image, w3m-view-this-url, w3m-view-this-url)
+	(w3m-submit-form, w3m-external-view, w3m-view-image)
+	(w3m-save-image, w3m-view-url-with-external-browser)
+	(w3m-download-this-url, w3m-edit-this-url, w3m-goto-url)
+	(w3m-goto-url-with-timer, w3m-safe-view-this-url)
+	(w3m-safe-view-this-url): Check validity of the URL.
+	(w3m-print-current-url, w3m-edit-current-url): Check
+	`w3m-current-url'.
+	* w3m-util.el (w3m-url-fallback-base): Move from `w3m.el'.
+	(w3m-url-invalid-regexp): New constant.
+	(w3m-url-valid): New inline function.
	* mew-w3m.el (mew-mime-text/html-w3m): Remove any properties from

2002-10-19  Masayuki Ataka  <ataka@milk.freemail.ne.jp>

	* w3m.el (w3m-entity-alist): Support Greek.

2002-07-19  ARISAWA Akihiro  <ari@mbf.sphere.ne.jp>

	* w3m-symbol.el: New file.

	* w3m.el: Autoload "w3m-symbol" for `w3m-replace-symbol'.
	(w3m-use-symbol): New variable.
	(w3m-fontify): Call `w3m-replace-symbol'.

	* w3mhack.el (w3mhack-examine-modules): Don't byte-compile
	w3m-symbol.el if no-MULE.

2002-10-13  TSUCHIYA Masatoshi  <tsuchiya@namazu.org>

	* w3m.el (w3m-local-dirlist-cgi): Follow the change of
	(w3m-w3m-get-header): Ditto.
	(w3m-w3m-dump-head-source): Ditto.

	* w3m-image.el (w3m-imagick-convert-async-exec): Abolished.
	(w3m-imagick-start): Removed.
	(w3m-imagick-start-convert-buffer): Call `w3m-process-start'
	instead of the above function.

	* w3m-proc.el (w3m-process-push): Accept `command' argument.
	(w3m-process-start): Ditto.

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>