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Problem loggin into playstation2-linux.com


I'm having random errors with 'cannot load url' on
playstation2-linux.com, mostly when loggin in, after that it doesn't
seem to be a problem any more.  Which is quite annoying.  This happens
only when using w3m from within emacs, I've not had it with vanilla
w3m or links (or any other browser).

My version of w3m is 0.4.1 and I'm using emacs-w3m from cvs on
sourceforge (rather late edition ;)

I'm not including any header info I get with the cvs version unless
you ask me to.  The precise error message in the mini buffer (or echo
field or whatever it's called) is something like 'Cannot load url
"some url" exit code 0.  Then manually typing the url seems to work in
some cases.  I'm having difficulties pinpointing the exact couse or
circumstances ...

In hope of help,


P.S. Is is possible to use emacs-w3m with links?