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Re: jde + emacs-w3m problem

>Hi James,
>Allowing JDEE users to browse javadoc, the JDK API, and the JDEE User's Guide
>from within Emacs sounds like a great idea. Perhaps I could build support
>into the JDEE for using w3m for this purpose and include a Windows binary
>of w3m in the JDEE distribution (and any other binaries users care
>to contribute).
>From your experience, what is necessary to configure Emacs to allow
>this capability?

are you aware of this package :

* http://www.on.cs.keio.ac.jp/~maru/java-help/

Yet another browsing function browse-url-w3m is contained. It uses w3m, a text-based nifty browser written by Akinori Ito, for formatting java documents. w3m is fast and can render tables. You can browse java documents in Emacs very quickly.

You can use this package with JDEE, with java-mode defined in cc-mode, or independently.

PS (Paul sorry for the double post)