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Re: need force-header-line-update

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> writes:

> I am troubled with the header-line which is not redisplayed.  Isn't
> there any function equivalent to force-mode-line-update for making
> the header-line get redisplayed?

Doesn't force-mode-line-update update the header line as well?

The Lisp manual says:

 - Function: force-mode-line-update
     Force redisplay of the current buffer's mode line and header line.
     The next redisplay will update the mode line and header line based
     on the latest values of all relevant variables.

     This function also forces recomputation of the menu bar menus and
     the frame title.

The docstring doesn't mention the header line, though.  I'll update