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XEmacs 21.5 and emacs-w3m


Can anyone run emacs-w3m on XEmacs 21.5.6 and later?  I've
installed APEL, FLIM, emacs-w3m and the latest XEmacs anew,
however I got empty buffers for most of foreign urls and shimbun
articles.  I cannot make even a wild guess why it doesn't work.
My knowledge is that Ben Wing made a major change to the Mule
functions of XEmacs 21.5 in spring of 2002.  We may have to
write in the manual clearly that emacs-w3m doesn't work on
XEmacs 21.5.

だれか XEmacs 21.5.6 以降で emacs-w3m を動かせますか?
という話なんですが、個人的には Ben Wing の大□鹿□郎がブチ壊した
ままになっている XEmacs 21.5 は対象外にしても良いのではないかと
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>
;; ああ、また腹が立ってきた。