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Re: Call for proof readers of documents

> Hi,
> We, emacs-w3m development team, are planning to release emacs-w3m-1.4,
> and are eager to distribute it with good documents.  In order to
> achieve this goal, we call for proof readers of the documents.  If you
> volunteer, please read the documents.  Any bug reports are highly
> appreciated.

Tsuchiya-san, should I add the text about following commands to the texi 
file? If you think it is important to write about all w3m-mode own key 
bindings, I'll write it. (At least, I will convert the doc in list to
texi format.) However, I cannot find strong pleasure in writing about
these keys:-P

@c TODO?
@c C-a	Go to the entire beginning of line.
@c C-e	Go to the entire end of line.
@c j	Next line.
@c k	Previous line.

@c l	Forward char.
@c h	Backward char.

@c M-g	Jump to line.