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Re: Bug ugly letters when rendering Russian pages

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.06540]
>>>>>	Artiom Neganov <aneganov@end.org.ru> wrote:

> Hi,

>   Similar problem has already been discussed in this list but fix was
>   provided for w3m-m17n and I use w3mmee extension.

>   When I open any russian html document cyrillic letters are displayed
>   with big bold (ugly) letters. I cycled through available fontsets
>   but changes are applied only for latin letters.

>   Is it possible to change font?

>   My configuration:

>   emacs-w3m-1.3.6
>   w3m/0.3.2+mee-p24-18+moe-1.5.0
>   Debian system

> regards,
> Artiom

I am sorry to trouble you, but could you try the latest w3m and
emacs-w3m?  Almost all developers are using the newest version
and there is no time for repairing old versions.  It is because
they are also leading their life and one day has only 24 hours.

The latest released version of w3m is there:


Please note, you need to use the most recent emacs-w3m for it.
You can obtain it from the namazu CVS server or:


The following screenshot shows the Russian version of the GNU
home page.  Is it correct for your eyes?


Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>