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Re: emacs sees w3m command but can't "openload file: w3m"

Hiroshi Fujishima wrote:
>>>>>>In [emacs-w3m : No.06645] 
>>>>>>	Douglas McCarthy <dmy@openglobe.info> wrote:
>>I compiled emacs-w3m as root and on the command line in an xterm not
>>using emacs as a shell.
>>I'm running emacs 21.1.1 on a suse linux 8.0 OS. w3m is already installed.
>>emacs sees w3m command but can't "open load file: w3m"
> This message implys emacs can't find w3m.el in the load-path value.
> You can confirm it by typeing C-h v load-path RET.

Yes, this does not have /usr/share/emacs/21.1/site-lisp/w3m/, which is 
where install make put the files, in it.

> If you installed emacs-w3m ordinarily, emacs can find w3m.el.  Could
> you please show me steps of the install procedure.

I followed the documented install procedure to the letter:

1. # ./configure
     This returned no error messages

2. # make

     Again no error messages

3. # make install
      No problems reported

4. # make install-icons
      No problems reported.

Best regards,

Douglas McCarthy