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Hello all,

We, emacs-w3m development team, are pleased to inform you that
emacs-w3m-1.4 is now available.  It can be downloaded from:

     MD5SUM = 699e708cf646b3f25446aa05e9cbf9cd

This is the first release of the new stable series, emacs-w3m-1.4.x.
Highlights of this release are:

  * Support w3m-0.5.
  * A small spinning wheel indicates process status.
  * Icons for the tool bar are renewed.
  * Many commands that take strings as their argument cooperate with
  * The user options `w3m-pop-up-windows' and `w3m-pop-up-frames' have
    more consistent meanings.
  * The new option `w3m-add-referer' has succeeded the old option
    `w3m-add-referer-regexps'.  This option is used to decide whether
    to send referers or not.
  * The new option `w3m-use-filter' enables a content filtering layer.
    It may be useful to eliminate advertisements from WEB contents.
  * The essential configuration to use emacs-w3m is simplified.
  * Caching mechanism of remote contents is improved.
  * Many shimbun modules, including RSS-based modules, are updated and
  * Many bug fixes.


TSUCHIYA Masatoshi

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