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Re: CVS service has been restored

>>>>> In <87fz98fztp.fsf@pine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp> 土屋さん wrote:

> So, we have restored CVS service.

Isn't there a way to subscribe to the cvslog mailing list?

BTW, I've committed changes including four new shimbun modules
written by Andreas Seltenreich and Tsuyoshi CHO made when the
server had stopped.

New shimbun modules:
  sb-zeit-de.el (www.zeit.de)
  sb-n24-de.el (www.n24.de)
  sb-cnn-jp.el (www.cnn.co.jp)
  sb-x51.el (x51.org)

New shimbun groups in sb-asahi.el:
  tenjin (天声人語)

New user option `w3m-make-new-session':
  Non-`nil' means the `w3m' command mostly makes a new emacs-w3m
  buffer.  It does so if a user specifies a url string when
  invoking the command.  Otherwise, the `w3m' command uses an
  existing emacs-w3m buffer to show the specified page or simply
  pops it up.  The default value is `nil'.

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>