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cursor moving problem

i am  newbie in emacs-w3m stuff,and i have managed to install and config
emacs-w3m in my Meadow environment. The w3m work almost wondfully, but
,there are stillseveral problems i do not know how to deal:

(1)in a web page opened with emacs-w3m, i cant move cursor to and forth
between any non-hyperlinked words), when a use "->" or "<-" keys, it just
move forward and backward betweens web pages, so,how could i move cursor
between words in a page?

(2)when i M-x w3m-browse-url RET c:\[directorys]\somefile.html RET, it could
correctly rendering the html file, but it will still complain "Cannot
retrieve URL c:\[directorys]\[somefile].html", how could i get it not to