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Re: sb-emacswiki.el fixed

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07082] David Hansen wrote:

> Hi,

> due to a change of the URL layout sb-emacswiki.el was broken.  I
> attached a new version which is mainly c&p from sb-rss.el.  Using
> the "wiki" namespace should make it far less fragile (but I still
> rely on a specific URL pattern when building the MID).

Thanks.  I've installed it with small modifications in both the
trunk and the emacs-w3m-1_4 branch.

> If you know a more elegant way to reuse the sb-rss.el code please
> let my know (I'm not that familiar with the luna package).

It looks well-formed to me, though I'm not familiar with
EmacsWiki. ;-)