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Re: w3m-view-this-url does not work

>>>>> In <w4d7jr2lo7j.fsf@nanni.riic.uni-linz.ac.at> Stefan Reichör wrote:

>> M-x describe-function RET save-window-excursion RET

> Thanks for pointing that out.
> The problem is with task.el.
> I'll contact the author.

I got task.el 0.8rc1 and found it defines a very simple advice:

(defadvice save-window-excursion (around task-save-window-excursion (&rest args))
  "Prevent switching tasks in save-window-excursion."
  (let ((task-is-switching t))

It looks harmless to me and I couldn't find out why does it
cause a problem.  Actually, it doesn't do wrong in my system.
If a reason becomes clear, please let us know for future

>> M-x ad-unadvise RET save-window-excursion RET

> Thanks for that tip. Now it works again.
> Very nice.

That's good, anyway. :)