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Re: Gnus w/ w3m stoped working

I Cc this message to the emacs-w3m mailing list.  You can read
the list in the gmane.emacs.w3m newsgroup as well.

>>>>> In <ubrfij8dp.fsf@raytheon.com>
>>>>>	Sarir Khamsi <sarir.khamsi@raytheon.com> wrote:

> OK, I did something I can't figure out. For some reason, starting
> today, I can't seem to read some email w/ Gnus. The stack trace is
> listed below. I've diff'ed my .emacs & .gnus files and can't seem to
> figure out what the heck I did wrong/different. I'm running with Gnus
> 5.10.6, w3m 0.4, GNUS Emacs, on WinXP SP1.

> Any help would be appreciated since I am getting pretty frustrated
> with this problem and can't seem to debug the problem from the trace
> below. I've tried to get w3m 0.5, but that won't build w/ Cygwin
> (missing ja.gmo, & I had to get gc.h and build that) and I can't seem
> to get any install info off the net. Thanks.

> Sarir

I'm not familiar with Cygwin and don't know how to build w3m 0.5
in that environment.  Anyone?

The error you encountered is the case where the w3m executable
is not found in the directories which is specified by the
`exec-path' Lisp variable.  It normally inherits the value of
the PATH environment variable when Emacs starts.  So, you may
want to check the value, or to specify the `w3m-command'
variable explicitly in the ~/.emacs file with the absolute path
name of the w3m executable as follows:

(setq w3m-command "c:/cygwin/usr/local/bin/w3m.exe")

> ;;---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)
>   call-process-region(1 166 nil "c:/tmp/ema01364" t nil "-T" "text/html" "-halfdump")
>   byte-code("...
>   (defvar w3m-accept-japanese-characters (byte-code "...
>   require(w3m)
>   mm-setup-w3m()


>   gnus-display-mime()
>   gnus-article-prepare-display()
>   gnus-article-prepare(1970 nil)
>   gnus-summary-display-article(1970)
>   gnus-summary-next-page(nil)
>   call-interactively(gnus-summary-next-page)