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Re: from `w3m-form-parse-and-fontify' on garbage from micro$oft served page

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07224] Clemens Fischer wrote:

> w3m-version
>  => "w3m/0.3.2+mee-p24-21+moe-1.5.8"
> w3m-type
>  => w3mmee

It's hard to build w3mmee in my system.  Although I tried it
repeatedly, it hardly succeeded.  Could anyone please take it on?

With w3m/0.5.1+cvs-1.942, there's no problem to browse the url
in question.

>   w3m-create-page("http://www.landtag.sachsen.de/slt_online/de/infothek/index.asp?page=landesbeauftragte/datenschutzbeauftragter/taetigkeitsberichte/index.asp";
>   "text/html" "ISO-8859-1" #<buffer *w3m*>)