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Re: Problems with Swedish characters


;; I'm not sure.. sorry, and possiblity doubt..

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07229] 
>>>>>	Joakim Verona <joakim@verona.se> wrote:

> When viewing a page that contains html escapes for swedish characters,
> like &auml;, these will be rendered with a tilde before them, like ~.

> I tried changing W3m Terminal Coding System to utf-8-unix, but that
> doesnt help.

Hmm.. On th X window, console, or terminals?
I could display  all of cases above on my emacs-w3m with emacs21.

;; Sorry I don't have 21.3.50 yet, I tested with 21.3.1.

If your problem appearing on the X window, and if you have some
setting for emacs fontset in your ~/.Xresources, please test to remove
it, and set it in your `~/.emacs'.

;; On the X window, I set to test `terminal-coding-system' with
;; utf-8-unix, compound-text-with-extensions-unix, iso-2022-jp-2-unix,
;; iso-8859-1-unix, but emacs-w3m could `' display whole case
;; correctly.  I test entities with
;; http://www.stained-g.net/shinichiro/char-entity.html

  Shinichiro HIDA  mailto:shinichiro@stained-g.net
  GPG fingerprint = 5F2D 1656 FFF6 F691 A51C  5E61 E416 D398 470C 1CE9