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Re: Shimbun backend for FFII


>> On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 13:51:32 +0100
>> felix.klee@inka.de ("Felix E. Klee") said as follows:

>> I have just checked the WEB page <http://www.ffii.org/news/rss/>,
>> and found more RSS feeds than the current sb-ffii.el supports.  Can
>> you add other RSS feeds and improve group names?


Your program has just reminded me that we, Shimbun module developers,
keep hidden naming convention.  Here is its first draft:

(1) You MUST avoid file names that have already used in SpeedBar.
    Here is a list of file names used in speedbar-0.14beta4.

      sb-ant.el  sb-html.el	sb-info.el   sb-texinfo.el
      sb-gud.el  sb-image.el	sb-rmail.el  sb-w3.el

(2) You SHOULD select file names which remind their refering WEB
    servers' URIs.  It is allowed to remove coutry parts
    (Ex. jp,de,uk,etc), organization parts (Ex. edu,com,org,net,etc)
    and redundant parts (Ex. www) if removing does not increase

(3) You SHOULD select group names in USENET style.  It means that
    small characters are preferred in group names, and that period(.)
    is preferred as an delimiter to show hierarchical structure in

Unfortunately, your program violates the third item.  Can you change
group names in sb-ffii.el in order to keep consistency among all
Shimbun modules?

BTW, if there is no developer who oppose the above convention, I will
add it to Texinfo documents.  Any comments?

>> You can remove `shimbun-ffii-content-start' and
>> `shimbun-ffii-content-end' safely.

>I already tried removing them before I submitted my first version.  The
>problem is that when I leave away "shimbun-ffii-content-start" and
>"shimbun-ffii-content-end", then I get the following error message with
>all messages that I tried to read:

> byte-code: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

This must be a bug of shimbun.el.  I believe that it has been fixed.
Can you try the CVS head version of shimbun.el?

>BTW, there's one problem that I didn't solve yet.  In the feed named

> ffii.Informations-Infrastruktur-Nachrichten

>there is an item "<dc:date></dc:date>".  When I try to synchronize
>message from that feed, then I get the following error message:

> if: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

Add the follwing code to sb-ffii.el, which provides dummy date string
if date information is lacked.

(luna-define-method shimbun-rss-process-date :around ((shimbun shimbun-ffii)
  (if (stringp date)
    (let ((time (decode-time)))
      (shimbun-make-date-string (nth 5 time)
                                (nth 1 time)
                                (nth 3 time)))))


TSUCHIYA Masatoshi