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W3M frame-local buffers (w3m-fb.el).


A feature I missed was the ability to maintain a frame-local list of
W3M buffers, so I wrote an add-on package to do this.  It's now
available at:


To activate, load the source and use M-x w3m-fb-mode RET.

I think it would be good to have something like this feature added to
emacs-w3m; better than an external package relying on lots of
defadvice.  (I'll maintain this package as long as that isn't the
case, or if there is no interest in adding this to emacs-w3m.)

I've tested with the latest Emacs and emacs-w3m CVS code; also with
the Emacs 21.4 and emacs-w3m 1.4.4 Debian packages.  It also seems to
mostly work with XEmacs 21, except for the fact that all tabs are
shown in all frames (the list of tabs isn't determined from
w3m-list-buffers, as is the case in GNU Emacs).