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Re: xemacs &#; problem

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08509] henri wrote:

> i'm having a problem with my xemacs (21.5-b21) setup using
> emacs-w3m. the same code works fine with emacs.

> when i open an html file (usually through mew) with & ; escape
> sequences it does not render them in xemacs (but it does in emacs)

> example:

> xemacs:
> 11 – 12 Henri

> emacs:
> 11 ^S 12 Henri
> (well, that didn't work, but it does show the correct long - )

> is there an option or setting that i have wrong? or is this an
> xemacs shortcoming?

`M-x report-emacs-w3m-bug' will bring more information to us.  I
guess your XEmacs hasn't been built with the `--with-mule' option.
To verify it, evaluate the following form in the *scratch* buffer
(type C-j at the end of the form).

(featurep 'mule)

If it returns nil, you are using non-Mule XEmacs, with which
emacs-w3m doesn't bring its ability into full play.  Sorry.