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Re: use google "I feel lucky" to handle url

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08624] Leon wrote:

> In firefox, when I type "emacs w3m" in the url location, it will use
> google "I feel lucky" to direct me to the right page. This is a very
> cool feature.

Interesting!  "No Gnus v0.4" brings me to the Gmane page, and
your e-mail address brings me to the Gmail chat room.  On the
other hand, Netspace and IE bring me to the page showing the
search result.

> In w3m, however, it will report an url error. I think we can take use
> of "I feel lucky" to make emacs-w3m more smart.

> Any comments?

I guess Firefox inquires of some search engine the given words
and visits the url which appears in the beginning of the result.
If they are all of what Firefox does, it doesn't seem to be very
hard to make emacs-w3m do so.  If we have time. ;-)