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Re: Bug#367886: w3m-el: add `w3m-bookmark-view-new-session'


On Thu, 18 May 2006 21:17:15 -0500, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> Thank you very much for the contribution.

You're welcome :-D

> The `w3m-bookmark-view-new-session' command would be useful,
> however, we've implemented a similar feature in the upstream
> recently.  It is available in the top of the menu which appears
> when you click tabs using the right mouse button.  You can try
> it with the CVS version[1] of emacs-w3m.  So, I'm not very
> positive to apply your patch.

Well, actually the `w3m-bookmark-view-new-session' which I can found
in the CVS as now is very similar to the one I proposed, so I'm fine
with that, even if it seems there's no sign of (very very very small)
credits, somewhere.

> I recommend you send such mails directly to the emacs-w3m community
> using <emacs-w3m@xxxxxxxxxx>, which is open to everyone and is
> gatewayed to the gmane.emacs.w3m newsgroup.

The major problem with the mailing list (which I'm subscribed on) is
that after my mail there were 5 replies but in Japanese and at least
until now I can't speak Japanese, only write my name.

Anyway, thank you for the inclusion upstream of the function, with
this mail I'm closing the bug and setting R-T: and M-F-T: to the
emacs-w3m mailing list.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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