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Re: Does w3m has the functions to send a page by email?

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08723] 清秀 wrote:

> When I use Microsoft IE 6.0, I can send a page by choosing
> File->send->page by email.  I wonder when I use w3m in emacs, is
> there a similar function? Thanks a lot!

You can do it using Gnus and emacs-w3m, though it is not very

Type the \ key in the w3m mode buffer to display an html source.
Open a message buffer, fill the headers with recipients and a
subject, goto the body, type:

M-x mml-attach-buffer RET
*w3m* RET (it might have to be *w3m*<2>, *w3m*<3>, etc.)
text/html RET RET

and replace disposition=attachment with disposition=inline,
then type `C-c C-c'.