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Re: New previous/next link estimation functions

I'm sorry to have responded your message so late.  I've
installed your patch now.  Thanks.

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08802]
>>>>>	David Hansen <david.hansen@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> In case you don't know: the emacswiki uses the oddmuse wiki
> engine.  The new function will be useful for other emacs-w3m
> users too.

Yes, it is quite useful.

> 2006-08-11  David Hansen <david.hansen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>         * w3m.el: (w3m-relationship-oddmuse-estimate): New function.
>         (w3m-relationship-freshmeat-estimate): New function.
>         (w3m-relationship-estimate-rules): Fixed regexp for google groups.
>         Added above new functions.


>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08803] David Hansen wrote:


> Or maybe even relax the regexp.  I guess "nav_\(previous\|next\)"
> aren't that common names for images not used for linking to
> the next or previous page:

>      ,(concat "<a[^>]+?href=" w3m-html-string-regexp
> 	      "><img src=[^>]*nav_next\\.gif")
>      ,(concat "<a[^>]+?href=" w3m-html-string-regexp
> 	      "><img src=[^>]*nav_previous\\.gif")

> This works at least on \(www\|groups\)\.google\.com.

I think this relaxed version is good enough for the moment, so I
used it.