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Re: Elisp: "cd" seems not to work

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>>>>> In <b4mu03kxxrl.fsf@xxxxxxx> Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:

> Because it defaults to the value of `w3m-profile-directory' if
> the page doesn't visit a local file.  However, it has never been
> useful to me, ...

I've added a new user option to the emacs-w3m CVS repository[1]:

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*Directory used as the current directory in emacs-w3m buffers.
The valid values include a string specifying an existing directory,
a symbol of which the value specifies an existing directory,
a function which takes a url as an argument and returns a directory,
or nil.  If the specified directory does not exist or it is nil,
the value of `w3m-profile-directory' is used.

Note that there is an exception: if a page visits a local file or
visits a remote file using ftp, the directory in which the file exists
is used as the current directory instead.
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[1] See http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/index-en.html

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