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Re: [PATCH] add myself to authors list for `w3m-bookmark-view-new-session' patch


At first, my special unchanging thanks are due to all contributors for
guiding emacs-w3m development.

>> On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 13:44:20 +0900
>> yamaoka@xxxxxxx (Katsumi Yamaoka) said as follows:

>>> when submitting the `w3m-bookmark-view-new-session' patch [1], I
>>> forgot to add myself to the authors list in w3m.el and
>>> w3m-bookmarks.el.  The attached patch solves it :-)

>I judged that such tiny changes aren't worth to do so and removed
>your name from w3m.el, w3m-bookmarks.el, and w3m-search.el.
>My gratitude to you and other contributors who aren't listed in the
>.el files doesn't change.

I think that it is necessary to treat author fields in the different
manner from recording changelog entries.

Of course, all contributions must be recorded to changelog.
Such changelog entries are testimoinals for contributors.

Contrary, persons who are called as `authors' must be restricted, I
think.  Only persons who achieved big and important contributions are
eligible to be called as authors.  If all contributors are called as
authors, a list of authors will become longer than code.


TSUCHIYA Masatoshi