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Re: error in w3m-current-title

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09178] Robert D. Crawford wrote:

> I seem to be experiencing an error in emacs-w3m.  When a page is first
> loaded, the value of the variable w3m-current-title is often nil, and
> the function w3m-current-title returns the url without the http://.

> Examples are slashdot.org and osnews.com.

Thank you for the bug report.  I've fixed it in the CVS trunk.
The cause is that the `w3m-create-text-page' function sets the
value of `w3m-current-title' in the following style:

(setq w3m-current-title (setf (w3m-arrived-title URL) "TITLE"))

It is expanded into:

(setq w3m-current-title (w3m-arrived-put URL 'title "TITLE"))

And `w3m-arrived-put' doesn't return "TITLE" if URL has not been
registered in the `w3m-arraived-db'.