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Re: getting rid of ^M displayed by emacs-w3m

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[ summary for the w3m devels: some html page includes the string
" and emacs-w3m inserts a raw carriage return into the
buffer, which of course looks kind off ugly ]

On Sun, 25 Mar 2007 10:58:37 +1100 Alexey Pustyntsev wrote:

> David Hansen <david.hansen@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> To me this looks like the page explicitly asked to display a
>> carriage return.  So I think what emacs w3m does here is reasonable.
>> But maybe this "&#13;" is some html trick I don't know...
> Thanks David.
> What I don't understand here is why w3m doesn't display
> ^M (or, perhaps, something else) in xterm when the page explicitly
> asks to do so.

Some of the rendering is done by w3m and some within emacs.  The
translation of entities to characters is one of the things that
happens in emacs.

>> How do you think should emacs-w3m render a carriage return?
> I consider ^M to be garbage in the rendered html so it should not be
> displayed by default unless, of course, specifically requested.

If the html source includes the entity "&#13;" it explicitly
requested the display of a carriage return (whatever this means), at
least in my opinion.  But again, this might be some html "feature" I
don't know about.

IMHO the right thing to do here is to read up in the HTML specs how
whitespaces encoded with html entities should be treated.