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Re: w3m in Emacs 23

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09316] Eugene Oleinik wrote:

> On 2007/03/29 04:15:42 +0400, Leo wrote:

>> To see the issue, in emacs-w3m:
>> 1.  Go to www.google.co.uk
>> 2.  Move mouse horizontally upon "Advertising Programmes" back
>>     and forth
>> 3.  You will see the link blinks like crazy and cpu usage by Emacs
>> increased dramatically.

>> Not sure if this is Emacs 23's fault or emacs-w3m's. I know it
>> didn't happen in Emacs 22.0.95.

I rebuilt Emacs 23, both LUCID and GTK.  But I have no such a
problem as before.  Tools (including Gcc) and libraries I use
are all Fedora Core's.  The configure options are:

LUCID: --verbose --enable-font-backend --with-freetype --with-xft\
GTK: --verbose --enable-font-backend --with-freetype --with-xft\
 --with-gtk --without-xim

> When I move the mouse pointer horizontally upon any
> hyperlink, the pointer itself constantly changes (very
> fast) it's shape from `I' to `hand' and backwards.

Well, how about setting `w3m-track-mouse' to nil and restarting
emacs-w3m?  ("restarting" means to kill all the emacs-w3m buffers
using the Q command and to start it again.)  The nil value for
`w3m-track-mouse' disables displaying of the balloon help.  I
guess the problem might arise if something lacks in your system
to display the balloon help.  For example, there's no font for
the balloon.  I don't know how to fix it even if it is bingo,

> Also, the minibuffer area (where hyperlink URI is) is
> blinking.  I suppose this is caused by the link's URI
> is being written to the minibuffer area multiple times
> as I move the mouse pointer.

This also might do the trick:

(remove-hook 'w3m-after-cursor-move-hook 'w3m-print-this-url)


(setq w3m-after-cursor-move-hook nil)

> The hyperlink's text is also blinking like crazy.

> There is no such problem with links in Gnus or anywhere
> else.  Although I rarely use mouse when browsing WWW
> with emacs-w3m, this is pretty ugly.  Maybe something
> wrong with the Debian emacs-snapshot build?

> emacs-w3m-version
>  => "1.4.147"


I found no oddity there.