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Re: Toolbar and transparent icons

On 2007-03-31, Katsumi Yamaoka said:

>>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09328]
>>>>>>	Leo <sdl.web@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I patched Emacs with a patch posted in emacs-devel list some time
>>> ago, which enable support for png icons.
> So, please tell me concretely what the emacs-w3m team should do
> for such a special Emacs.  Otherwise, I might be able to see what
> you really want if you write an ELisp code.  I don't have time to
> do everything and I think it is not too late that the emacs-w3m
> team start to value the new feature after it is incorporated in
> Emacs CVS.
> Regards,

Nothing. You and the team don't need to do anything.

The patch has in no way improved Emacs's ability of displaying images
of any type. It only tell Emacs to use png icons if they are also

Please see this as my last post to this topic.

Have a good weekend,
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