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Re: core dump

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09442] Kenichi Handa wrote:

> The backtrace shows that Emacs is in infinite loop in
> ccl_driver.  It seems that emacs-w3m does some code
> conversion by CCL programs defined by itself.

I reached to this conclusion yesterday, too.

> And, it is
> very likely that those CCL programs depend heavily on the
> internal character representation.  That must be changed for
> Emacs 23.

The code which makes emacs-w3m use the ccl programs for ftp urls

(defun w3m-w3m-parse-header (url header)
	    (if (string-match "\\`ftps?:.*/\\'" url)
		(if w3m-accept-japanese-characters
		    "w3m-euc-japan" "w3m-iso-latin-1")

The ccl coding systems `w3m-euc-japan' and `w3m-iso-latin-1'
are defined in w3m-ccl.el and, for Emacs 21 and 22, redefined in
w3m-ems.el.  IIUC, they are used for communicating with the w3m
command privately.  Unfortunately I'm not skilled with those
coding systems, but TSUCHIYA-san have ever explained what they
are briefly in:


The problem is that we have no programs to redefine those coding
systems for Emacs 23 in w3m-ems.el.

> To emacs-w3m developpers:
>   Please explain why it does code conversion by its own CCL
> programs.  I'll be able to suggest a better way for Emacs
> 23.

Thank you very much for the offer.  We welcome any improvement,
suggestion, and comment.