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Re: google buttons

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

> There should be buttons normally except for the button for the
> current page.  Does nothing really happen when you click the
> middle mouse button, or type <RET>, on the number 2 or later?
> I believe all the versions of emacs-w3m should work.

No, clicking the middle mouse button or typing RET only leads to the message:

No URL at point

No problems with other search engines, e.g. Yahoo

| emacs-w3m-version
|  => "1.4.189"
| emacs-version
|  => "GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.8.20)\n of 2007-04-30 on argon"
| w3m-version
|  => "w3m/0.5.1+cvs-1.968"