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Re: sb-nytimes

>>>>> Norbert Koch wrote:

> Hi!

> I'd love to have a look at these pages through nnshimbun in my SXEmacs:
> steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/sxemacs--main--22.1.8--patch-17, built Mon Sep
> 24 15:13:04 2007 on arafel, but I don't see the NY Times listed in the
> shimbun groups possible.

Well, does SXEmacs contain the emacs-w3m package?  I cannot
verify it since the SXEmacs web site seems to be down now.
Otherwise, did you get the package separately by yourself?
Anyway the sb-nytimes.el module has been added to the emacs-w3m
CVS trunk very recently[1], so the package you have might not
contain it.

> Is there something I have to change in order to see it after a make
> install-package?

You should have nothing to do other than install-package and
performing the `gnus-group-make-shimbun-group' command (or the
`gnus-group-make-shimbun-groups' command) to make the NYTimes

> Thanks a lot,
> norbert.

[1] http://news.gmane.org/group/gmane.emacs.w3m/thread=6992/force_load=t