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Re: ;;; sb-aljazeera.el --- Al Jazeera shimbun backend

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09761] David Hansen wrote:

> please have a look at the date parsing function.  Should it go to
> sb-rss.el?

> 2007-11-09  David Hansen  <david.hansen@xxxxxxx>

> 	* sb-aljazeera: New file.

I've installed this new module in the CVS trunk.  Thank you for
the contribution.

> (luna-define-method shimbun-rss-process-date
>     :around ((shimbun shimbun-aljazeera) date)
>   ;; M/D/Y h:m:s (A|P)M (violates RSS 2.0 spec)

I think it is worth merging this code to sb-rss.el if other shimbun
module(s) also use it even if such a date format violates RSS 2.0.
But it is now only one.  So, let's do it when a new module that
requires the code appears in the future.