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Re: Forward: Bug#447728: Annoying "leaving secure page" yornp

>> On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 13:32:07 +0900
>> yamaoka@xxxxxxx (Katsumi Yamaoka) said as follows:

>> I would like this y-or-n-p to either be smarter about when it asks
>> me, or to support a customize option that would make it use MESSAGE
>> instead of Y-OR-N-P.  Attached is an untested patch (hopefully)
>> implementing the latter.

>I renamed the user option into `w3m-confirm-leaving-secure-page' and
>installed in the CVS trunk.



  ・明示的に URI を入力

の2ケースに限って,y-or-n-p を skip するようにした方が良いかなあと思って.

;; と言っても,触っている暇がないのですが….

土屋 雅稔 ( TSUCHIYA Masatoshi )