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Comic Sans MS-10 font and emacs-w3m (was Re: W3m bug)


First of all, please don't send such a messages to an individual.
I'm not necessarily well versed in the whole emacs-w3m code.  On
the other hand, someone might be in trouble over a similar issue,
or might have solved it perhaps.  Please use the mailing list that
is just for helping each other and for sharing useful knowledge.

>>>>> Lazycat Manatee wrote:

> Hi, Katsumi Yamaoka.

> I'm use emacs-w3m version 1.5 in emacs

> When I use other font in emacs, example "*Monospace*-10",  the display of
> W3m page is right.
> But, when i use font "Comic Sans MS-10" (it's cute, ^_^). the display of W3m
> page is wrong.
> For example, my homepage is google, when i use "Comic Sans MS-10" in emacs.
> the position of google icon is at left-up corner, and not center of screen.

I don't have the Comic Sans fonts and cannot try it with emacs-w3m,
so it is no more than a guess, but it might be a limit of Emacs,
emacs-w3m and w3m, in handling of proportional fonts.

Emacs-w3m supposes that the width of the space character is
changeless, and uses some space characters to place an image in
a certain horizontal position.  For instance, ten space characters
are used for a left margin if it is 80-dot width and the width of
the space character is considered to be 8.  By default, what
emacs-w3m believes as the width of the space character is the
return value of (frame-char-width).  However, I doubt it always
says truth, and also doubt the space character of a proportional
font is always displayed with that width anywhere in an Emacs

Customizing the value of 'w3m-pixels-per-character' will be the
only thing that is worth trying.  The value is a positive integer
that overrides the return value of (frame-char-width).

> This's a bug about W3m display (others in emacs is all right)? or my setup
> about W3m is wrong when i use "Comic Sans MS-10" in emacs?

> Can you tell me why?
> Thank you very much! ^_^

> --LazyCat