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Bug#475468: no w3m -o fold_line for HTML

X-debbugs-Cc: w3m-el-snapshot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, emacs-w3m@xxxxxxxxxx
Package: w3m
Version: 0.5.1-5.1+b1

I have a problem using w3m in xterm that does not occur when using it
in emacs.

$ w3m http://forum.brighthand.com/showthread.php?t=15918

Too wide. It goes off the screen, to the right.

One has to use w3m in emacs: w3m.el to see them correctly. In just a
plain xterm they extend off the screen. How frustrating.
What does one need to do to make w3m not go off the edge in xterm?

There is only
    -o fold_line=<bool> Fold lines of plain text file
But there is no way to
                        Fold lines of rendered HTML file