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Re: emacs -f w3m w3m-home-page file1 file2...

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10177] <jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> $ emacs -f w3m
> will go to w3m-home-page. But what if one also wants to put other
> arguments on that line?
> $ emacs -f w3m '' file1 file2
> will go to "about:" and not w3m-home-page. Please mention in Info what
> to do.
> $ emacs -eval '(w3m w3m-home-page)' file1 file2
> works but is too painful to type.

Treating the null url as the home page is reasonable.  Fixed.

> By the way, Info says
>      You can also use this as an Emacs batch command.  Here's an
>      example:
> Please say "You can also use this as an argument when starting emacs"...,
> else you confuse it with --batch.

Also fixed in CVS.  Thanks.