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Re: `w3m-select-buffer' deletes all other windows.

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10210] Naohiro Aota wrote:
> David Hansen <david.hansen@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> can I get `w3m-select-buffer' to keep all other windows of the current
>> frame?  Is the current behavior a bug or is this intended?
>> All related configuration I have done is
>> (setq w3m-select-buffer-horizontal-window nil)

> The following patch would make emacs-w3m to work as you want. I don't
> know why emacs-w3m act like this, but looking at the following extract
> from ChangeLog, this behavior might be intended.

I don't recall why I did it so insistently.  It might be because
I use an Emacs frame that is not so large (i.e. 80x40 that is
Emacs' default) for w3m buffers.  Please don't hesitate to apply
your patch since it is easy to me to delete other windows before
launching `w3m-select-buffer'. :-)