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Re: [WWWOFFLE-Users] forcing charset of certain URLs

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> This document
>   W3m-current-url: http://localhost:8080/index/lasttime?sort=mtime
>   W3m-document-charset: US-ASCII
>   HTTP/1.0 200 WWWOFFLE Index
>   Server: WWWOFFLE/2.9d
>   Content-type: text/html
> does not have a character set, and there is no facility in WWWOFFLE
> (CensorHeader or not, right way to do things or not) to make it have a
> character set, so in each browser one must figure out a way to make
> sure the character set is not guessed wrong, e.g., one polluting
> character and today emacs-w3m guesses wrong (can't blame it).

In the particular index page that you mention WWWOFFLE will try and
display the URLs in a "nice" format.  This means that rather than just
use the raw URLs which may contain URL-encoded characters this
encoding will be undone.

There is no good solution to the problem that you mention.  The page
could contain a mixture of different character sets and there is no
solution to this.

There are workarounds that you could try in place of the one that you
already have.  You could modify the page so that the raw URLs are
displayed instead of decoded ones.  You could add a "meta" tag to the
index page HTML with the charset of your choice (see example below).

An example meta tag that would probaably work for you would be:

<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

> So I have to use
>   C c runs the command w3m-redisplay-with-charset
> by hand each time to make it utf-8, despite
> my http://jidanni.org/comp/configuration/.emacs-w3m stuff.
> I read up on `w3m-content-type-alist' but it seems too complicated to
> understand. All I want to here in emacs-w3m is: for any URL matching
> http://localhost:8080/*, make its "Document Charset" utf-8.

Andrew M. Bishop                             amb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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