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Re: dark images on a dark background bad

KY> M-x set-background-color RET White RET
Thanks but that caused a bout of 雪盲症
and I even had a hard time answering the questions of kill-emacs.
KY> Otherwise:
KY> (defun my-set-frame-color ()
KY>   (interactive)
KY>   (set-background-color "White")
KY>   (set-foreground-color "Black"))
This too is unsatisfactory, I'm sorry to say. The user will still face
a mostly weird white world with many faces now invisible. He doesn't
know how to restore his terminal back to the way it was with one
simple command, and must exit emacs and start again.
KY> Those commands work per frame.
That's the whole problem. All that is needed is to slip a white
background behind images that assume one, (or all images on the page)
and not the whole page('s text) or whole frame, which might have many
faces that now become invisible. image-mode.el suffers the same problem.