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Re: faces w3m-bold and w3m-current-anchor are hard to read, if Chinese

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10314] jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Help, the faces w3m-bold and w3m-current-anchor are hard to read, if
> Chinese.

> ^U what-cursor-position shows
>      -arphic-ar pl kaitim big5-bold-r-normal--16-160-72-72-c-160-big5-0

> Don't you think the Chinese in the line
>     圖 Images: 後 back, 前 front (黃峻崢,斯托曼,積丹尼
> on http://jidanni.org/comp/index.html
> is hard to read? Lots more on e.g., http://www.z-chang.net/qa2.html
> What can I do about it, short of
> (shell-command-on-region (region-beginning) (region-end) "cat").

First of all, I don't know at all how Emacs choose fonts for a
certain face.  It may be derived from fonts specified in a fontset,
or not.  And a font chosen differs according to Emacs versions.
But for that matter, Emacs 23 looks like doing fairly right thing.
Your page is displayed in my Emacs 23 as follows.  Though it may
not be your taste, it's not so bad for me.

PNG image

`C-u C-x =' says that the fonts used are:
(BNote that the font for the Chinese characters is not bold (why
(Bthe Japanese font is used will be due to my language environment).
(BIt seems that Emacs 23 has a capability to render it in bold.
(BIn Emacs 22, those Chinese characters are displayed in normal
(Bweight in the page.
(BYou are using Emacs 22, aren't you?  If so, Emacs 23 that will
(Bbe released in the near future may bring a boon to you.