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link rel "start", "up" need keys assigned

SPC	Scroll up the current window, or go to the next page.
DEL	Scroll down the current window, or go to the previous page.
are great for
<link rel="prev" href="pr01s04s02.html" title="Building aptitude 
<link rel="next" href="ch01.html" title= ..
(info "(emacs-w3m)Moving over pages")
However, what if one wants to go to the next or previous page now,
instead of first scrolling to the start or finish or looking for the
link the page author provided to get there?

And more importantly, there is also
<link rel="start" href="index.html" title="aptitude user's manual">
<link rel="up" href="pr01s04.html" title="How can I get  aptitude?">
with no keys assigned to go to them!